4 core website elements to get more customers for local service providers

4 core website elements to get more customers for local service providers

You have a website but don’t see any queries or booking/contact requests coming in. If you have a feeling that your website is not generating clients then your website may be missing these 4 core elements.

#1  I’m in. What’s the next step?

What do you want visitors to do after they read through your website, see the offer and are ready to take the next step?

They need to be guided with simple action verbs like ‘Get’ ‘Book’ ‘Call’  to make it a no-brainer process for them.

#2 Clear offer articulation

As a business owner, you know better than anybody what your offer is. A lot of websites assume that customers understand what the offer is because it is so obvious but few websites set this out clearly.

Your website needs to have at least a simple list of deliverables and actions that you do for them and price points if possible.

The website also has to show why your offer is different to others such as experience, best price, speed of customer service, technical expertise etc.

When visitors understand your offer clearly, then they are ready to take the next step. See #1.

#3 Why should they trust your business?

There are a number of ways you can begin to build trust with your visitors and the easiest is to put a contact number on your homepage.

Transparency in today’s world is a key differentiator.  Your website should act as a “shop window”  so visitors can clearly see who works in your company and your company’s values.

Add the following:

  • social media links
  • contact details
  • Pictures of employees or owners
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • Certifications, associations and achievements

These all make the business more transparent from a visitor’s perspective.

#4 Easy & Fast to see

The final element needed is the ease of use and speed. How easy is it to find your offer and read through it?

How quickly does the page load?

Pages should load in less than 2 seconds to prevent visitors from exiting the page.

Your website will lose a potential customer if it is loading too slowly. You can check your website’s speed here or here using the Bulk Page Speed Test.

Different screen size responsiveness

Because we live in a smartphone-dominated world, websites need to be able to adjust to mobile/laptop/desktop screen sizes.


They should find what they are looking for in a maximum of 3-4 clicks from the home page.