6 must-have digital marketing apps for 2023

6 must-have digital marketing apps for 2023

Whether you are sitting in the sun at the pool or sitting on the train on your daily commute, it is possible to do almost all of your digital marketing on your mobile phone. Here are the 6 must-have apps for your phone for 2023!

The technology in mobile phones has come a long way in a short time and has made it possible for it to become your office. These apps allow you to travel or work outside the office.

Besides, a lot of digital marketing happens on the go and in the spur of the moment.

Scheduling Apps

Two of the best on the market at the moment for scheduling posts to your social media platforms and website are Buffer and Hootsuite.

Both have been around for a considerable time so both have pretty much ironed out their glitches whereas some of the new kids on the block in scheduling apps have some small issues still to address.

Both apps allow you to share and schedule and it is always a good idea to try the free version to see which is easier to use for you before spending your cash.

Facebook pages manager

This is another must-have for anybody from 18-80 who is interested in running their own solopreneur business or larger companies.

If you have your own page, a business page, a business group or two, Facebook Marketplace and just the regular Facebook, then Facebook Pages Manager is a vital.

Simply put, it allows you to handle all those things in one place and you can comment, post and like other posts.

Most of all it allows you to track statistics, this makes it such a useful app because at the touch of a button, you can see engagements, and what times posts work best for your audience and the app is free!

Design apps

There is no point in having the best post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest if the images you are using don’t attract any attention.

One of the best (and again try the free version) is Canva. Very easy to use with lots of templates (even on the free version) to make your post stand out from a lot of the dross that is on social media.

You also have the ability to social share straight from Canva. If you find using the free version is easy, the pro version is a step up and not really that expensive.


This should be made compulsory for people to use so that their posts are clear and correct.

Have you ever read a post that has a bunch of typos in it to the point where you no longer want to read it.

That is something that happens all too regularly and is a reason for people no longer engaging with you. That is probably stretching it to the nth degree but it can happen.

Grammarly is a must for a professional look to your posts and for them to be understood.

At this stage, you know what’s going to be said. Try the free version first.

Analytics app

One of the new toys on the website tracking playpen is Plai (pronounced play).

Trying to keep track of all your analytical data can be overwhelming. This app is certainly help as it combines reports from Google Ads, Google’s own analytics and Youtube.

It allows you to look at trending content, and closest matched keywords as well as giving you an insight into marketing strategies.

 Google Analytics

We mentioned them with Plai above but you might as well do what Luke Skywalker did and use the force on your digital marketing if you are not prepared to use Google Analytics.

It allows you to look at who is looking at your content how long they stayed and where they are leaving. Once you know where they are leaving, you can take steps to remove the friction that caused that exit.

It is free and helps with targeting your audience look at each of your websites to see where falloff is occurring.