Mastering Consistency in Lead Generationon Facebook & Instagram

Believe 2 Achieve, a gym business with three locations in Ireland, sought our assistance to attain more consistent and stable lead generation results, enabling them to concentrate on brand and company development.

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We encountered the significant challenge of addressing B2A’s inconsistent lead generation results. B2A’s previous efforts had yielded unpredictable outcomes, making it difficult to maintain a steady flow of leads for their health programs. Additionally, ensuring congruent branding across various platforms posed a challenge. Our task was to overcome these hurdles and establish a more reliable and stable lead generation system while maintaining a consistent brand image.


  • Audience Understanding: We began by comprehensively understanding the target audience on Facebook and Instagram, which included studying their interactions and engagement with B2A’s content and challenges.
  • Lead Acquisition Strategies: To engage the ideal audience, we strategically allocated a portion of the budget to an awareness campaign. This campaign familiarised people with B2A’s offerings without any obligations, showcasing the transformations of past participants.
  • Optimised Targeting: We continually optimised the target audience and ad content based on data collected from all organic and paid campaigns. We excluded individuals who had already signed up for the challenge, ensuring that our advertising efforts were more efficient.
  • Lead Magnet Success: The introduction of lead magnets, optimised for the target audience, proved to be a highly effective strategy. Within a few weeks, the cost of acquiring one lead stabilised at around €10.
  • Consistent Improvement: Over the course of five months, we fine-tuned the campaign, achieving a substantial reduction in the average cost per lead on Facebook, ultimately reaching €7.16. Including leads generated through the website, the overall cost per lead dropped even further to just €4.06.

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