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Transforming the digital landscape for HQ Cleaning – building trust and generating leads in a competitive market with a strong online presence.

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An expenditure of €2150 on advertising.


A total of 153 conversions, including contact form submissions and telephone calls.


The cost of acquiring each conversion was a mere €14.12.


A remarkable 7.43% conversion rate.


HQ Cleaning, a client with an established business, faced the challenge of not having an online presence. Relying solely on word of mouth limited their reach, especially in a competitive market. The primary challenge was to establish trust among potential customers without an existing online reputation.


  • Website Creation: We initiated the solution by designing and launching a simple, yet highly effective website. This website was strategically crafted with elements to convert visitors into customers. It featured separate pages with contact forms and real customer testimonials, enhancing the trust-building process.
  • Social Media Presence: We created and maintained an active Facebook profile for HQ Cleaning. Regular posts showcased the client’s services, customer testimonials, and images of completed work. This strengthened the client’s online presence and engagement.
  • Lead Generation via Google Ads: To generate inquiries and leads, we implemented a comprehensive Google Ads strategy. This included search campaigns and performance max campaigns.
  • Keyword Research: We conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most sought-after services in the target region. This knowledge was instrumental in creating specific search ads and allocating budgets efficiently.
  • Visual Content: In performance max campaigns, we emphasised appropriate visual content, enhancing the client’s visibility across various Google channels.

By combining these strategies, HQ Cleaning not only established a strong online presence but also succeeded in converting online visitors into valuable customers. This case study underscores the effectiveness of a well-rounded digital transformation strategy in a competitive business landscape.

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