How to generate more leads without spending on advertising

How to generate more leads without spending on advertising

For any website to be successful, it needs to keep visitors engaged once they land on it. It also has to move them through a process where it earns enough of their trust for them to exchange their details in return for something they see as a good value exchange.

#1 Address pain points with your offer

There has to be an offer that talks to a visitor’s pain point for any website to engage them. If they are going to give you their contact details, there has to be perceived value in it for them.

A great visual presentation of your product or service can mean the difference between gaining or losing someone’s interest.  A great presentation can quickly show how your service will address their pain point and why your service is different to what is currently on offer.

#2 Use an order process that converts visitors into customers

One of the keys to a successful website is its ability to help convert visitors into leads. See 4 core website elements to get more customers for local service providers

And one of the ways of ensuring a website turns visitors into leads is to make sure it is mobile-first responsive.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of all searches on Google take place on mobile devices so if your offer doesn’t display proportionately or quickly on a mobile device, then you could lose out on a sale.

As two-thirds of all your customers are going to be scrolling through your offer, there has to be a good flow to the user experience and most importantly the process needs to be and feel secure for the visitor.

#3 System to drive traffic to the website

If you want to drive traffic to the website, then you have to have a traffic ecosystem in place.

This can be through organic multichannel traffic sources such as listing your services on Facebook, Instagram and Google Business Profile. While there are ways of boosting through advertising, these services mentioned are free and can all help boost your website traffic.

Equally, SEO can boost traffic to your website by using keywords associated with visitors’ pain points as well as their search intent.

Social media posting is also a way to boost traffic to a website and can also help with credibility and trust.

Another way of attracting people without paying for advertising is to use an email nurture sequence that will entice visitors back to your website and offer.

Never forget the low-hanging fruit either. You have existing customers that you should be keeping engaged and can sell other products to through email remarketing.