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Let clicks = leads.

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Convert website’s CLICKS into LEADS

Get a system, which will provide a constant flow of high-quality inquires about your product or service.

Lead hunting

  • None or “dead” website
  • Zero or little online presence
  • Commodity in clients eyes

Leads queue

  • Well-oiled “lead generation machine”
  • Consistent online presence
  • “GO-TO” brand on the market

Let’s build a “Lead Generation Machine” for your business with our clear 3 step process



We help you define the client’s biggest problems, a message that resonates with an easy-to-understand offer.


We build multiple entries to your business with a trust booster with ease to make contact.


We help you grab & drive attention, respond to client intent & recover people that are “on the fence”.

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Paul O'Flynn Managing Director at Sublime Landscaping
Revolution are a business that we feel have an ethos of high quality solutions backed with a very apparent in-depth knowledge on all web related matters from SEO, coding, web design and much more. They are crafted in providing cost effective, perfectly functioning final solutions for customers in a digital market, and give a great after service also. We have been very impressed with their logical approach to many solutions we required.

Want us to help you
build a “Lead
Generation Machine” for your business?

Book your 1:1 session to find out what we can do for you.
Our promise: No selling pressure.

Why do it with us?

Results are what matter:

You want to see a return on your investment with us, one that will have a positive impact on your business.

We focus on things that move your business forward with a tailored strategy based on the current and desired situations of your business.

Business Assets, Not Code

We create assets for your business that produce results and have a real impact on your business, NOT just a bunch of code that lives somewhere in space.

Support & Guiding

The online world is overwhelming if you don't know what to look for and that is why we are beside you on your journey to help you when you need it.

100% Ownership & Independence

We believe that if we produce results you will stick with us for life. That's why there are no hidden strings or hooks with our hassle-free handover.

Apply for Trading Online Vouchers and Get 50% off

We can help you with your Local Enterprise Office application to get up to a €2,500 rebate from your local LEO office. We have a 100% acceptance rate in the delivered projects.

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Get All The Leads...

...with desktop, tablet and mobile-responsive websites on all devices; no matter how your customers find you.

Measure to Improve.

With proper measurement in place and KPI’s selection, we are able to improve and fix every piece of the “Lead Gen Machine” so you can get a consistent flow of leads and make better business decisions.

High-quality product warranty

100% Satisfaction

Want us to help you
build a “Lead
Generation Machine” for your business?

Book your 1:1 session to find out what we can do for you.
Our promise: No selling pressure.